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[169] On March, the primary fiscal deficit jumped to US$1,394 million, an 857% increase year-to-year. Les fonds spéculatifs "ont essayé de nous imposer quelque chose d'illégal (...). Since this day, all public transportation services returned to the normal schedules, but still maintaining the hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The Hudson Institute hosted a discussion on the current political situation in Argentina with Hector Schamis, a professor at Georgetown University's Center for Latin American Studies. [171], President Fernández announced a 700 billion pesos (US$11.1 billion) stimulus package due to the pandemic, worth 2% of the country's GDP, and have focused on providing increased health spending, including for improvements in virus diagnostics, purchases of hospital equipment and construction of clinics and hospitals; support for workers and vulnerable groups, including through increased transfers to poor families, social security benefits (especially to low-income beneficiaries), unemployment insurance benefits, and payments to minimum-wage workers; support for hard-hit sectors, including an exemption from social security contributions, grants to cover payroll costs; and subsidized loans for construction-related activities; forbearance, including continued provision of utility services for households in arrears; and credit guarantees for bank lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the production of foods and basic supplies. [234], In Greater Buenos Aires, an increase in crimes committed by people with no previous record was seen. [39] In Chaco, the first native transmission was also confirmed. Celle-ci affiche toutefois des reliefs variés du nord au sud du pays. May [56], The first official data from ICU bed occupation became available on 24 June, with an occupation of 45 percent throughout the country. [210] Three months later, on 3 August, the Ministry of Education confirmed that the provinces of Catamarca, San Juan and Santiago del Estero would begin a process of returning to class under a system that would involve dividing students into groups that could attend classrooms in weekly shifts. [185], After announced a mandatory quarantine to every person that returned to Argentina from highly affected countries,[37][38] the government closed its borders, ports, and suspended flights. Guidelines to relieve the situation for non-formal sector. En attendant de le retrouver, retour sur la situation de l’Argentine… et ce qu’elle peut nous apprendre pour l’avenir. During Travel. Aug Top Export Goods and Partners. Reports from the City of Buenos Aires include a big number of confirmed cases from other districts that were tested and/or hospitalized in the city, leading to a big discrepancy with the number of confirmed cases from residents of the city. [34] Rapidly, on the next day the total cases increased to eight. In response to the pandemic, classes moved to online distance learning. [48] A third phase of the lockdown was later announced by the president on 25 March, extending it to major cities until 10 May. The charts show the development of ICU beds occupation related to the pandemic starting from 24 June 2020, representing changes in net number of beds occupation on a daily basis, based on the numbers reported in the National Ministry of Health's daily reports. [306], On 12 March, FIFA announced that the first two rounds of the South American qualification for the 2022 World Cup due to take place in March 2020 were postponed to later dates. [143], On 10 April, Fernández confirmed that the lockdown would be extended until 26 April under a "new phase"[48] with new authorizations available for workers of some services such as banks, among others. The official data from 2020-07-20 included a total of 4,019 new cases, from which only 3,937 correspond to confirmed cases on this day. Cómo será la apertura gradual en la Ciudad y qué se podrá hacer desde el lunes", "Cuarentena escalonada: el listado de las medidas anunciadas en AMBA, CABA y GBA", "Government bans social gatherings in Argentina for next 15 days", "Después de 147 días, el Presidente volvió a extender la cuarentena hasta el 30 de agosto", "Cuáles son las cinco ciudades que volverán a una cuarentena estricta a partir del lunes", "Coronavirus en la Argentina. [184] It was the highest unemployment rate since 2004. This led to cases of citizens not being able to greet a family member on their deathbed despite having the required permits,[288][289] and patients dying due to ambulances not being allowed to enter another province. Violators would face a fine. Superficie censada y densidad, según provincia. Alors que le Salon du Livre met l'Argentine à l'honneur, la romancière et journaliste Alicia Dujovne Ortiz nous parle de ce pays "difficile à comprendre, même pour nous Argentins". November 10, 2020. [9], On 23 March, Ministry of Health officials reported the virus was spreading via "community transmission" in the City of Buenos Aires, its surroundings and some cities in Chaco, Tierra del Fuego and Córdoba provinces. [20][21] The number of tests increased over time, although there were some concerns as there was less testing than in other countries of the region such as Chile and Peru. [7][8] The government later extended the lockdown to mid April,[9] then 26 April;[10] and on 25 April, President Alberto Fernández announced that the lockdown would be extended in major cities until 10 May. [191] By September, government announced regular flights could return on October. [271] 36 workers tested positive for the virus and 130 people had to be isolated. [187], Since 1 April, the government allowed the return of Argentine residents stranded abroad, with a maximum of 700 passengers per day. The lockdown would resume to workers of private construction, medical and dental care, industry production and online commerce, lawyers, and accountants, among others, in some provinces such as Entre Ríos, Jujuy, La Pampa, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquén, Salta, San Juan, Santa Cruz and Tucumán, with the respective health protocols. [6] The person was not among the eight already diagnosed with the disease and was diagnosed post-mortem. [44], On 19 March, President Alberto Fernández announced a mandatory lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. Further large gatherings, protests, demonstrations or and marches are plann… Sep By the late 20th century the country was self-sufficient in fossil fuels and hydroelectric generation, and it had become a petroleum exporter. Every economical sector suffered a collapse, with finance, commerce, manufacturing industry and mining being the most affected. [57] A few days later, it was informed that June concluded with 64,517 confirmed cases, 1,307 deaths and 22,015 recoveries from the virus. This call included nurses, biochemists, physiotherapists and physicians, in particular in the fields of medical clinic, cardiology, pneumonology, adult and pediatric intensive care, emergentology, pediatrics and general and/or family medicine. Point le plus bas: Laguna del Carbon à -105 m. ", "Ya hay casi 5000 detenidos por violar la cuarentena que dispuso el Gobierno", "Cuarentena: cómo cambió la movilidad de los argentinos, según Google", "COVID-19 Community Mobility Report: Argentina", "Coronavirus en la Argentina: cómo iniciarán o continuarán el dictado de clases las 13 facultades de la UBA", "COVID-19 Educational Disruption and Response", "Coronavirus en Argentina: el Ministerio de Educación evalúa un regreso de las clases por región", "Education Minister: 85% of schools in Argentina will likely re-open in August", "Trotta: "Si se mantiene la situación epidemiológica, habrá clases duales en tres provincias, "Los docentes volvieron a las escuelas y Trotta dijo que es "un paso fundamental, "Trotta: "Catamarca dio todos los pasos para poder regresar a clases de manera escalonada, "Trotta reafirmó que "no habrá promoción automática" y que las clases terminarán en diciembre", "Cómo será la vuelta a clases en CABA y la provincia de Buenos Aires", "La Ciudad habilitó a 169 escuelas privadas a iniciar actividades presenciales desde este viernes", "Confirman desde UTE el primer caso de coronavirus en una escuela desde la apertura en la Ciudad", "Kicillof ratificó clases presenciales en 24 municipios bonaerenses", "La Provincia de Buenos Aires aún no definió qué distritos empiezan las clases presenciales el lunes", "Coronavirus. What are the restrictions? Argentina's lower house passes bill to allow abortion. Jun 16, 2016 - 1960 Valdivia earthquake was located in South America: The 1960 Valdivia earthquake (Spanish: Terremoto de Valdivia) or Great Chilean earthquake (Gran terremoto de Chile) of 22 May was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. [253] This sparkled political criticism both from the insides of the government, as well from the political opposition, with the Security Minister of the Province of Buenos Aires suggesting that occupations were organized by social movements from inside the governing coalition. [323], After months of uncertainty,[324][325] a tentative date for the return of football was announced. [228][229][230][231] The Buenos Aires province allowed school activities in 32 bigger districts during November. Cliquez sur la carte de situation géographique ci-dessus pour accéder à une carte physique détaillée et en français de l'Argentine. Special testing and containment efforts had to be put in place in lower-income neighborhoods, mostly after outbreaks in Buenos Aires (Villa 31 and Barrio Mujica) and Quilmes (Villa Azul and Villa Itatí) shantytowns. [58], On 3 July, The Governor of the Province of Catamarca confirmed its first case within the province. As such, the country’s economic … Argentina - Political EnvironmentArgentina-political-environment Links to the State Department’s website for background on the country’s political environment. [232], During the pandemic, robberies and homicide went down during the lockdown in most of the country, and increased again as time passed and some restrictions were lifted. Argentina to tax 12,000 wealthy people to tackle Covid Dubbed the "millionaire's tax", the one-off levy will fund relief measures and health supplies. 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Bonjour Nature. [114][115][116] One month later, Fernández announced that the vaccine produced by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca (AZD1222) would begin production alongside Mexico after an agreement with the British pharmaceutical company and the biotechnology company mAbxience. De informatie over reizen is een advies en is niet bindend. [201], On 26 December 2020, the country limited the entry to the country again due to the new COVID-19 strains across the globe, and the rising of infections. [227][228] Teachers unions protested the reopening of schools. Daily Weekly. [117][118] As of the day of the announcement, the vaccine, consisting of modified chimp adenovirus vector,[119] was entering phase III. [82], During the first days of November, the government announced that will acquire during December 2020 and January 2021, 25 million of doses from the Russian vaccine Sputnik V after it would enter phase III. Latin America and the Caribbean Region COVID-19 Situation Report No. [92], The Ministry of Health summoned health professionals to provide health services in the context of the pandemic, in search of reinforcing the teams made up by the national and provincial governments. [290] Some people had to camp in the provincial borders. [83][84][85] Other previously announced vaccines in development would also be acquired to a lesser extent by the government, such as those produced by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, Pfizer and China. The networks increased the airtime of talk shows and news programming, while reality shows were still in production. With this very short letter I would like to explain the situation in Argentina to all revolutionary Marxist comrades around the world, to all those who are struggling against the exploitative capitalist system and who are following every turn in the events in my country.

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